Has Anyone Ever Told You That You’re Teen Models Material?


Many young girls hear constantly that they can become teen models if they just get a portfolio together. Of course, the people telling these teenagers this are usually older men who are sweating and proclaiming that they are professional photographers. They can put your photograph on every major magazine in the world. All you have to do is come to their “studio” for a photo session. Yeah, dude, ok.

You’d think that these pretty girls would learn their lesson by now. It’s clear that this ruse is perpetrated on girls who ARE pretty enough to be teen models so that those felons can get their hands on these nubile young bodies. Would you believe that this actually still works? I watched a guy run this scam just the other day.

I was at the mall doing a bit of shopping, strolling and just killing time. Looking through some CDs in a music store, I noticed this girl who was unbelievably beautiful in a sort of simple way. I mean, she wasn’t wearing any makeup or anything like that. She was just so pretty. Tall, with black hair almost to her waist and the most amazing violet colored eyes, she easily stood out in any crowd. I also could tell she was really young but she could easily be one of those teen models.

While she was looking at some DVDs in the store, this nervous looking guy of about 30 or so snaked his way up to her. Striking up a conversation with her, he eventually pitched his real reason for talking to her. He said, “Has anyone ever told you that you’re model material?” I rolled my eyes discreetly but kept listening for what the girl would say.

She said many people had told her that. Then he started with his photo shoot line. He said he could make her one of the top teen models but he had to take some pictures. I couldn’t take it any longer. Reaching around him, I took the girl’s arm and said” Hey baby, are you about ready to go?” She must have realized by now that she could be in danger because she smiled and left with me.

It turned out to be the best day ever. I took her lunch and then home to my bed. Yeah, I guess I owe that pervert some gratitude for making my day.

Double Check the Age of Tiny Teens


It gets harder and harder all the time to tell just how old teenagers are, especially the girls. The reason for this is that they either look quite a bit older than they are, or they are tiny teens and look much younger than they really are. This confusion can get guys in trouble either way it goes.

Now just suppose, for instance, that there is this totally hot girl who keeps eyeing you at a restaurant. When you finish eating and get up to leave, she stops you and wants to chat. Before you know it, you’re offering to take her home. This is where it gets tricky. “Home” is a rather nice and large house in the better part of town and you start to have the first alarm go off. You look at her really close. She looks at least 21 and she certainly isn’t in the tiny teens group. So you go in the house with her.

Once you get inside, you can tell that it looks like other people live there and that they love expensive stuff. When you ask her about it, she mumbles something about room mates and tries to distract you by tickling my tonsils with her tongue. That helps you ignore all sorts of alarm bells in my head.

After we fucked for half the night (you had to know THAT was coming), she said I had to leave immediately. I didn’t get that because I was really comfortable. That’s when she told me that she knew she wasn’t like tiny teens but that she was only 16 and that her parents would be home soon. I couldn’t believe I had been so unbelievably stupid! I got out of there as fast as I could.

I spent the rest of the week worrying about whether or not the cops would be showing up at my door but they never did. A very important lesson was learned that night. It doesn’t matter how horny you are and how great the “available” girl looks, don’t do anything until you have seen proof of her age. I would have been better off if this chick had been one of the tiny teens because I would have never even been tempted.

So listen up, guys! Just because you’re horny, don’t be stupid. Seriously, ask to seem some ID. You are carded before you can drink if you don’t look old enough. Why not have to be carded before you fuck?

Telescopes Are the Answer for Watching Hot Teens


When I moved to my new condo on the beach I was so woefully unprepared for the sheer magnitude of hot teens who frequented this part of the beach on a daily basis. At first, I just sat and watched from my balcony trying to discreetly use a pair of binoculars to watch them. I mean these teen girls were HOT! They also wore “swim suits” that left very little to the imagination. Some even wore nothing but very brief thongs.

Several days in a row I saw different girls lose the tops or bottoms of their swim suits in the crashing waves. On the days when the ocean was calmer, I didn’t get to see quite so many nipples or shaved pussies. That didn’t stop me from enjoying these hot teens, though. It was pure bliss.

I became addicted to watching these teens. It got to the point that I couldn’t wait to get home from work just so I could sit up on my balcony watching them through my binoculars. One evening as I was keeping my usual vigil, I noticed a girl and this guy letting the waves carry them out a bit from the sandy beach. At first I was a little concerned because of how far out they were going. I turned my binoculars up as high as they would go and then I realized that these two were going to fuck in the water.

More hot teens came out on the weekends even when the weather was less than perfect. I was getting pretty tired of holding my binoculars up to my eyes for hours at a time. That’s when I realized how dumb I had been. Looking around and being aware in a way that I had not been up to now, I started seeing several telescopes sitting on balconies all around me.

Oh yes, now I knew just what I had to do. The next morning I gave up some time watching those hot teens so I could run into town and do a little shopping. I paid money that I really couldn’t spare for the best personal telescope that is made. Rushing home with it, my head was full of all the new things I would be able to see while watching these sexy teens.

Let me assure you that I was not disappointed. As soon as I set up my new toy and focused it, the view was crystal clear and perfect. I have since taken a job working right from my condo so I am able to spend even more time with my telescope.

Teen Pussy Kitty Looking for a Tomcat


I have been told that there’s nothing like teen pussy. It’s not something I would actually know since I was what is known as a “late bloomer.” All that really means is that I wasn’t popular enough or good looking enough for some girl to let me fuck her until I was in my early 20’s. Yeah, sad but true, I know.

However, the other day I was reading a hook up newspaper and happened to see a really strange ad placed in the Personals section of the classifieds. It said “Kitty Looking for a Tomcat.” Then it gave a phone number to call “if interested.” It was listed under a heading called Teen Pussy. Telling myself I wasn’t going to call that number, I wrote it down and put the paper in my wallet.

Being aware of that number resting there in my wallet, it was all I could think of all day. Finally, I decided to get it out of the way and just do it. I called the number and it rang a couple of times before this breathy VERY young voice answered. Stammering, I tried to introduce myself but she cut in saying, “You’re calling about my ad, aren’t you?” Happy to have that out of the way, I could now actually form words.

I figured she had a teen pussy but I asked her age anyway. She said she had just turned 18 a month before and wanted to meet some guys older than she was. Well, that wasn’t a problem for me, so we set up a time and place to meet for the next night. After I hung up the phone is when I started to sweat.

The next night came and we met at the appointed time. I nearly stopped breathing when I saw her. She was 5’9 inches of blonde, blue-eyed gorgeousness. We only spent a few minutes talking before heading back to my place where I got my first experience with a teen pussy. When my hard cock slid into her it was like a glove wrapped around it. I was terrified of embarrassing myself by shooting after only a couple of strokes but it all turned out just fine.

She decided that I was definitely the Tomcat that her Kitty was looking for which worked out great for me. We finally got out of the bed and started going out to dinner, the movies, clubs, etc. The cool part is that we’re still seeing each other.

Teen Girls Are So Confusing


Teen girls can sometimes be so impossible to talk to let alone get a date with. They stand there with that flirty, sweet, innocent, and haughty look on their faces. I can never figure out how they do that. They seriously have all these expressions on their faces at once! By the time you’ve come close to figuring out what it all means, the moment has passed.

Part of my problem is that I am just a bit older than these girls I like so much so that makes it even harder. The whole time I am looking at these teen girls and trying to be all smooth and ask them out, I am thinking about what a pervert I am because all I want to do is part those sweet little thighs and fuck them senseless. That might be why I have so much trouble getting the words out of my mouth.

This one girl I am focusing on right now is so mouth wateringly beautiful that I can barely breathe around her. She is only 18 but she looks like a woman with all kinds of experience. I guess she couldn’t have a LOT since she is so young, but she just has that attitude that teen girls get when they know they’re hot.

Anyway, I have been trying to find a way to ask her out forever it seems. I just know that if I ever manage it, that I am going to want to be all over her the whole evening. She seems to know what’s up, though, and I think she is playing with me, kind of like a cat with a mouse. This is just dumb, I know. I should just walk up to her and say “Let’s do this!” just to see what she says.

It doesn’t matter at this point if she turns me down or not. I just want to get the words out of my mouth. Then see where it goes, you know? I think if I can get her away from those teen girls who are her friends this weekend, I will ask and see what she says. If she goes out with me, I will make her glad that she did. She’ll be bragging to all her friends about how this hot guy (me) took her out and showed her a good time. Then, at some point, she’ll be bragging about how this awesome guy(again, me) fucked her until she couldn’t feel her legs. Yeah, that’s what I am going to do.

Living the Dream Life of a Teen Model


The life of a teen model is not quite as easy and glamorous as it may appear at first glance. Sure, they are beautiful with their tight gorgeous little bodies, shining hair, and luminous eyes. But their lives are not exactly their own and will not be for a very long time.

When you think about it closely, at an age when teens struggle with self esteem issues anyway, they have entered into a profession and a world that does nothing but criticize them. It’s actually quite horrible the way they are told how “fat” they look or that their faces need to be treated for that “unsightly pimple.” This can be just enough to drive a teen model over the edge.

Another thing that they have done is lock themselves into a career that will be, at best, short lived, and at the worst, simply fleeting. The teen years are the top money making years in a teen’s life so she typically spends it working more than being a teenager. However, her career is most likely over at the age of 30 unless she can get some plastic surgery to make her look many years younger, so she may have plenty of years to be a teenager.

A path for a teen model is acting if she has any talent or inclination to go along with her beautiful looks. This presents a slight problem, though, because she will start to try to break into acting at an age when most actresses have been acting for 5 – 10 years or more. But it IS an option if she has any acting ability at all. If she possesses some talent, she can be coached to become a decent enough actress to possibly make it in the acting world.

Acting is, however, simply another world where people criticize and cut you down if you are not 100 percent perfect. So it could be said that a former teen model has jumped from the frying pan into the fire. She doesn’t HAVE to pursue an acting career, though. If she has been smart and saved some money during her working years, she will most likely have enough of it now to start some sort of business of her own so she can finally be someone that is proud to be her.

Teen models also tend to have sex much earlier than most girls their age who are not models. You know those big clients will sometime take a shine to one of the models and if she wants to get anywhere in the business she will allow herself to be delivered to his hotel room that night. On second thought, this isn’t such a great career.

Nude Teens Can Make the World Go Round


There really isn’t anything much more beautiful to look at than nude teens. In fact, if most of those beautiful ones would simply take their clothes off more often there would probably never be a need for war again ever. Every time there was a rumble of war some teens would be sent to the generals and leaders and strip down totally naked. Hey, it could happen!

Actually, the thing about teens wearing no clothes is that everyone has a chance to ogle those amazing bodies without any distractions or anyone trying to stop them. Yes, nude teens can cause a lot of bad feelings to go away because it is just such a HAPPY thing to look at naked teenage girls. Keeping this in mind, you can imagine just how thrilled I was to find that I was living next door to four very beautiful teen girls who also seem to be nudists to a degree.

The first time I realized this was shortly after I had moved into house. I was outside in my back yard one evening when I heard some laughter coming from next door. I took a quick look over my privacy fence to see four nude teens standing around their pool having a blast. They were pushing each other in the water, and then dunking each other. I was dumb struck.

Eventually they did notice me standing by my fence with my chin resting on my chest because I simply was stuck in place. I couldn’t move. They came running over to the fence, not to hit me with a baseball bat, but to introduce themselves and invite me to go swimming. They could not have been more comfortable in their nudity and every time they jumped up and down, so did their luscious tits.

I wasn’t going to turn down an invitation to be in a pool with these nude teens. It was too good to pass up. So I said I would be right over. It never even occurred to me to take a swimsuit with me. If they weren’t uncomfortable with their nudity, I figured I wouldn’t be either. It was one fantastic night playing with all of them in their swimming pool.

The thing is I don’t know if I fucked all four of them at least once, or just fucked one of them four times. In the end, I suppose who really cares. It was still a night to remember.

Let’s ALL Be Naked Teens!

Do you remember when you were young and would go skinny dipping with your friends? Naked teens are still all the rage today no matter what the reason is that they are using to strip down. Actually, teens still do skinny dip today, if they have a place to do it. They may even use the swimming pool of a friend. There’s nothing like a big party with naked swimmers in the pool.

At first I was a bit put off when I found out that the house next to mine was being rented out to college students. I knew that meant all kinds of loud parties but I didn’t know it would mean naked teens, too. If had known that, I would have saved myself lots of energy by NOT being annoyed.

The first party rolled around the first weekend right after the beginning of classes. It was a HUGE party, too. Those kids were even using MY driveway to park their cars in. They were cooking hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks and other things on the grill. Music was turned way up and many were swimming in the pool.

Finally, as it got later and I needed to try and sleep, I went over to ask them nicely if they would turn down the music. It was so loud that they didn’t hear the doorbell or my knocks on the door. Highly irritated, I went around to the back yard where all the action was taking place. As I spotted several naked teens splashing around in the pool, my anger dried right up.

These girls were so hot that I was amazed that steam wasn’t coming off of the water. They saw me and waved me over. Another guy invited me to have a hamburger while another one was handing me a beer. Before I knew it, I was just a part of the festivities. I was having a really good time and had forgotten all about being sleepy.

Then those naked teens I mentioned before, got out of the pool, came over and threw me in the pool. It was ok, though, because they jumped in right after me. They were playing around with me and started to take off MY clothes. When everyone else saw what was going on, they started stripping and joined us in the pool.

I swear I don’t know what was really going on after a few minutes. I just know that I THINK everyone got laid that night.

Raging Hormones


There’s nothing more hormonal than a room full of teens. Seriously, you can smell the pheromones as they float through the air, passing from boy to girl and girl to boy. It someone could bottle that energy they would be billionaires for packaging the most effective aphrodisiac in the world. If you don’t believe me, find a teen event to stop by at and you will see just what I mean.

When you think about it, high school was a truly wonderful time. Doesn’t it still make your dick hard when you remember being in the back seat of your car with the first girlfriend you ever had who let you feel her up? All those hours kissing, touching, grinding pelvises together has to still make you horny.

Teens now don’t wait for the excitement to keep building. They jump right in and start fucking and that’s probably why it’s so hard for so many of them to be in the same room together. All they are really thinking about is breaking free and finding a car, a closet, a corner, whatever, that is available for them to fuck each other. They love quickies, those teenagers. Actually, that’s about all most teenage boys can manage.

Yes, it almost makes you feel sorry for those teen girls who are getting fucked by teenage boys. Those boys are all about their hormones and hard dicks. Teens really shouldn’t be in such a hurry to have sex, at least not with each other. Too many boys forget that the object of their sexual desire is a very human girl who has some hormones of her own. She will most likely be too sweet to say anything to you after the most exciting 30 seconds in her life. But don’t be too surprised if she isn’t overly eager to fuck you again.

It really isn’t fair, you know. The most hormonal time in anyone’s life happens to them when they are teens. Yet, this is also the most inexperienced time you will ever go through. It should be considered RIGHT that these teenagers be ushered into sexual awareness by their older and more experienced counterparts. In that way, there would not be any disappointment because the “teachers” would be expecting ineptness. The teenagers would be taught from the age of legality how to please their partners. Ah yes, in a perfect world we would be allowed to pass this horribly awkward stage. But as most teenagers turn out ok in that respect, maybe this way is not so bad after all.

It’s Only Teen Porn so Stop Peeking at Me!


Teen porn is one of the most popular past times for dirty old men all over the world. In fact, it is so popular that the largest portions of adult book and movie stores are taken over with barely legal porn. It’s kind of hard to understand why teens are the most popular. Of course, they have these luscious nubile bodies, but do they really have the experience worthy of such desire?

Now, it’s easy to understand why teenage boys are crazy over teenage girls. At that age, those boys are all about hormones. And that’s what gets them into trouble: Hormones and teen porn. It’s many a teen girl who glances out her bedroom window at night only to find a set of teenage boy’s eyes fastened on her window, watching her. Of course, she realizes that he is hoping against hope that she will take off her clothes as he watches. It’s a lucky boy who doesn’t get the cops called on him, too.

I blame those porn videos that have the teen girl seeing the teen boy peeking at her as he jacks off and doing nothing but smiling and winking at him. In these teen porn movies she then shows him how to get to her bedroom window so he can climb into her room. Once in the room, she fucks him senseless. Oh yeah, THAT’S what happens in real life!

Those poor teenage boys may not realize that it’s all a fantasy if their only frame of reference is porn movies. These are the boys who are eagerly pulling on their cocks while watching the girls and are totally puzzled when the cops show up to put handcuffs on them. They have a hard time understanding why the cops were called in the first place. This didn’t happen in those teen porn movies they were watching an hour before going out peeking.

These days those guys will be super lucky if they get off without being branded a sex offender. No one knows how to have any fun anymore. Everything that looks like it might be fun is illegal. I guess that’s why they have to rely on those porn movies so that there can be a little bit of fun left in the world when it comes to teen sex fantasies. Someone should remind that kid in lock up that he needs to stick to the videos and leave the fantasy where it belongs.